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About LeakyBagel.com
     The name LeakyBagel was originated in 2003 when I thought I heard it from a television or radio commercial. I found it very original and unique, and decided to use it as a username for Yahoo messenger. In February 2005 I decided to use it for my website where all my software products and websites can be found.

What is Offered?
     I have several FREE software products that offer a wide range of functionality. I have designed two websites merely for entertainment purposes and do not charge a membership fee, although registering is necessary to make full use of the services. You can find a link to LikeMyMakeover.com from this website, but the MadLibs site I envision will solely be contained within LeakyBagel.com for now.

I have recently posted some of my literary works under the 'Works' Tab. Feel free to check out my ideas, stories, etc.

Terms of Agreement/ Privacy Policy
      Although the products and services are free for now, I deserve the right to charge a fee. Especially during the times that my products are free, you may see ads or banners on my websites. The products themselves, however, will NEVER contain spyware or ads of any kind. Currently most of my software products only connect to the internet if you click 'Check for Updates' in the help menu. I will give you all the details of what is happening. I will never try to retrieve your personal information, and any information submitted when registering for a website will never be sold or given to 3rd party companies.

      Although the products and services are free for now, your donations are greatly appreciated!
Please go to the donation page for more information.

     Your input is greatly encouraged!! Email suggestions, bugs, and comments at

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