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LeakyBagel.com brings you several great software products FREE! Of course you can always choose to donate so we can provide more enhanced, easy-to-use products.
Please click on a link to the left to get more information on each of the programs. Here is an overview:
NEW! MyLibrary : A simple, free book collection manager. Enter all the books you own or have read, either manually or look it up by ISBN number using a built-in Amazon search. Sort your list by Title, Author, or Category. View the details pane to see all the information for the selected book, including the image from Amazon.com. Along with saving publisher, date published, number of pages, and an HTML description, also enter your own notes and your rating to help you remember what it was about.
Popular! SimAddy : An Address Book for your Sims! It will help you keep track of friends and relationships in the Sims or The Sims 2. See who is available at a given hour before trying to call them! See which Sims will make good friends based on astrological sign.
HealthyNote : A program to keep track of your daily nutritional information. Keeps track of 12 vitamins and nutrients. Generates reports for the week and calculates averages. Contains a built-in ideal calorie intake calculator.
AlarmClock : A simple program that runs as a taskbar icon and can play a .Wav file at the time you specify. You can set up three different alarms and specify them to be active only certain days of the week. Contains a countdown timer for those times you need something simple and don't want to set up an alarm.
Word Game: A game called a Cryptoquiz where you enter guesses and decode a word or phrase. Allows you to enter your own phrases. Future versions may contain other word games such as Scramble.

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