For use with The Sims and The Sims 2 and expansion packs, created by Maxis/EA Games
Current version: 3.4.1
Updated 1/8/08
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  • Do you jot down notes as you play the Sims to keep track of who is friends with whom?
  • Do you write down the hours each of your Sims works so you don't try calling when they aren't home?
  • Need to keep track of the number of friends needed for your career?
  • Need to keep track of who's going steady or in love with who?
SimAddy will make your gameplay much easier and more fun!!

Current Poll
What would you like to see added to the next version of SimAddy? What would you like to keep track of? Talent Badges? Shops Owned? Pets Owned? Lifetime Wants? Email me your answers (be specific!) at

Use SimAddy to keep track of your friends, determine possible friends, and manage romantic relationships!
I call it SimAddy, because it's like an address book for your Sims. I came up with the idea because getting and keeping friends for my Sims is the hardest part of the game. This simple program searches all of the Sims you've entered to find possible friend matches, based on their astrological sign. SimAddy also includes many features to help you manage your sims' relationships and careers.
You'll wonder how you ever played The Sims without it!
Includes a Help file and Uninstaller. Available language: English

  1. Add all of your families and sims (from a particular neighborhood) into the program with the "Add Family" and "Add Sim" dialogs. For each Sim, enter the Sim's name, astrological sign, current friends, and career information. You can add many more properties for your Sims too, such as chemistry matches, spouse's name, and whether the Sim is a 'Townie'.
  2. Family names will appear in the left list, and members in the family appear in the middle column. After all of your Sims have been entered, click the "Possible Friends" button for a particular Sim to display all of the Sims that might make good friends. The possible friends appear on the right. Initiate conversations with those Sims and hope for the best.
    One column in the display list will show the friends' working hours, so you'll know if they will be available before you call.
  3. Go to Friends->Show Likes/Dislikes Chart to see the logic I used for finding friends. This chart was taken from The Sims website or instruction manuals.
  4. Use the current friends list to help maintain the list of friends the Sim currently has, to keep track and to see when they are available.
  1. Added a relationship status of 'Committed' for those sims who aren't Going Steady or Married yet, but you'd still like to make the match permanent. For example, they are in love and not available for making new matches. The other 'Matched up' status might mean they may break up if they find a sim with better chemistry.
  2. Added functionality for users to add additional Careers. This change causes the format of the saved files (.SAD) to change.
    PLEASE BACKUP YOUR SAVED FILES FIRST, then when you load a file, you can choose "YES" when it asks to update your Sims' careers.
    There shouldn't be any problems, but let me know otherwise. If you do see problems after conversion, close without saving.
  1. Fixed a few bugs, including one when loading large files
  2. Added Aspirations -- Select the aspiration for each of your Sims, and view a summary and the list of Sims with a particular aspiration in the File Properties dialog.
  3. Added to the Matchmaker Dialog:
    • Added a Show Chemistry button which will show the 'Chemistry Summary' dialog.
    • Added an Elders checkbox so you can choose whether to show the Elders along with the adults.
  4. Enhanced Chemistry Matching:
    • Included a new option, "Include Townies", when generating the matches
    • Added an 'Accept Match' button that will immediately match the selected pair up, after displaying their current matches and confirming the new match
    • Created a 'Chemistry Comparison' dialog when a row of the results is double-clicked.
  5. Added all career level options for Elders, not just the 3 Teen levels.
  1. In 3.2.1: Added a button on the main screen to go directly to the Enter Friends Dialog for the selected Sim, so you can quickly add and remove friends.
  2. More Tools. Career Information Dialog: Show information about each of the careers in The Sims 2: For each level of the career, displays the name of the level, friends needed for a promotion, salary, and hours worked. Displays a separate dialog that shows the skills needed for each career. The Find Career Dialog is accessible on the Career Information dialog.
  3. Family Tree. Updated the Create Family Tree dialog so you can easily enter the parents of each Sim. Display the ancestry of a given Sim with the Family Tree Frame.
  4. File Properties. Show neat statistics about the number of Sims in the neighborhood.
  5. Automatic Mutuality. Deletions of friends and chemistry matches are now mutual.
  1. Check for Updates! Now you can check for updates in SimAddy without visiting the website!
  2. Chemistry matching! For the Sims 2 Nightlife chemistry. Enter your Sim's chemistry matches, and use this information in Matchmaker!
  3. Updated Add-a-Family and Add-a-Sim Dialogs! See screenshot.
  4. More Tools. Such as: Find Career: Determine the best career for your Sim's skills.
         Show Sim Groups: Show a list of 'Townies' or 'Vampires' in your neighborhood.
  1. MatchMaker! Do you like to arrange your Sims' marriages? Maybe you just want to keep track of who is going steady with whom. In either case, MatchMaker is an essential tool for organizing the Sims in your neighborhood!!
  2. Sim Transfer Tools. Just like in the Sims 2, you can Evict a family, Move Out Sims, and Transfer a Sim from one family to another. The moved out Sims appear in the 'Homeless' dialog and are unavailable to be called. >
  3. Find Sim. Have you entered in so many Sims in SimAddy you don't remember what family one Sim belongs to? Use the Find Sim menu option to search the current neighborhood for the first name of a Sim.
  4. Random Name Generator. Have trouble thinking of names for your newborn or newly created Sims? Use the Name Generator to come up with male, female, or last names, and enter in your own names to the list.
  5. Import Sims. To ease the burden of entering in all the Sims in a neighborhood, this command will APPEND Sims from a file to the current list. For example, If someone creates a file of the 'Townies' from a neighborhood, you can download the file and import it into your list!
  6. Add a Family. Tired of entering your Sims one by one? All Sims are part of a family, so now you must enter your Sims as part of a family, adding as much or as little information as you want at first.
  7. Friends are Mutual. Entering Sim1 as a friend for Sim2 automatically adds Sim2 as a friend for Sim1. Deletions of friends are not mutual yet.
  • It is recommended you have SimAddy open on a nearby computer while you play the Sims on another computer. This way you can enter your Sim data into SimAddy without Alt-Tabbing away from the Sims. If you don't have access to another computer, you'll have to use Alt-Tab to switch between the programs.
  • The Career information file (SimCareers.ini) is currently updated to The Sims 2. I'm not sure if it is the same for The Sims 1. If you want Career information for The Sims 1 instead, you can change the file yourself. I may create a different file for The Sims 1 in future versions.
  • In the latest version (3.2), I noticed that the Career skills do not appear in the Show Skill Dialog. Download the latest SimCareers.ini file and put it in the 'Data' directory where SimAddy is installed to. Or just download SimAddy again. I updated the install to include the latest file.
There is no guarantee that a possible friend will become a friend!!! Every Sim has a unique personality. Also, the Sims that appear in the possible friend list might not like the Sim on the left. (The feeling is rarely mutual.) For The Sims 2, the Chemistry symbol in the game will be your best indicator as to which relationships will be easier to create.
The Sims, The Sims 2, or a desire to check it out anyway!
Languages available: English
If you would like to see SimAddy translated, email me. If I get enough response, I may ask for translations!
  • I'm thinking of a graphical 'Family Tree' so you know where your family has branched out to! (A primitive version exists in version 3.2)

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